How do I view nutrients?

The Analysis Bar at the top of your diary shows your energy information (your goal, how much energy you've consumed, energy remaining) as well as your nutrient totals.

Swipe the Analysis Bar to move between the energy information and nutrient totals.

Here is the information shown on the Analysis Bar:

Note: If you do not have your Energy Goal set in your profile, you will not see the Energy equation. To set your Energy Goal, see How do I enter and edit my profile details?

 To view the major nutrients in your daily intake:

  • Swipe the Analysis Bar to display the nutrients, then tap the nutrient of interest, e.g. Sat-fat.

    The values for the selected nutrient are then shown beside each food:


  • These major nutrients are shown: protein, total fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sugar, sodium, calcium and fibre.
  • The unit for all the nutrients except sodium and calcium are grams (g). For sodium and calcium, the unit is milligrams (mg).


How do I view the energy (kJ or Cal) in my diary? 

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