How do I sign up for an Easy Diet Diary account?

To sign up for your free Easy Diet Diary account:

  1. When you first start Easy Diet Diary, choose Sign Up with Facebook or Sign Up with Email.
  2. Then follow the instructions shown.

Using Easy Diet Diary without an account and want to sign up?

If you are already using Easy Diet Diary without an account (this is possible if you started with an earlier version of Easy Diet Diary), you can sign up from within Easy Diet Diary.

When you are signed into your account, you get the benefits of automatic syncing between your iOS devices, as well as automatic backup, so that if you need to delete and re-install Easy Diet Diary, you will retain all your data.

You can check whether you have an account: On the tab bar, tap the More button (...) then tap Settings, and if you have one, your 'USER ACCOUNT' is shown. 

Otherwise, to create an Easy Diet Diary account from within Easy Diet Diary: 

  1. On the tab bar at the bottom of the Diary screen, tap the More button (...).
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Sign Up and enter the required details.


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