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About Easy Diet Diary - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Android version of Easy Diet Diary?

Easy Diet Diary is available on both iOS (version 8 or later) and Android (version 6 or later).

Is my data backed up?

Your Easy Diet Diary data is automatically backed up to the cloud. This means that as long as you log in with the same account, you can install the app on several devices to view and edit your diary. If you delete Easy Diet Diary from your phone, you can see your data by reinstalling the app and logging in to your account.

Can I sync between my devices?

You can sync Easy Diet Diary between your devices if you are logged in using the same account.

Is there an iPad version?

Easy Diet Diary for iOS is currently designed for iPhone, however, you can run Easy Diet Diary on your iPod Touch or iPad provided your device is running iOS 8 or later.

How do I install Easy Diet Diary on my iPad?

On your iPad, go to the App Store. By default, the App Store is set to iPad only. To change this, go to the menu at the top of the screen, tap iPad Only, and select iPhone Only.

How do I share my diary with my dietitian or other health professional?

You can share your diary with your nutrition professional in two ways:

Is there a version of Easy Diet Diary for research purposes?

If you are running a research study you can get your participants to use Research Food Diary. It is a version of Easy Diet Diary that does not show any Cal/kJ or other nutrition information but allows your participants to log their food intake.

For more information, see Research Food Diary - FAQ.

Does Easy Diet Diary integrate with the new cloud-based software,

Easy Diet Diary does not currently integrate with Professional. We’re currently in the progress of rebuilding and modernising Easy Diet Diary from the ground up for both Android and iOS. The anticipated release date for the new Easy Diet Diary including integration with is mid-2024.


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