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How do I view the energy (kJ or Cal) in my diary?

Your energy intake for the day is shown at the top of the Diary screen in the Analysis Bar.

 The Analysis Bar shows:

  • In the circle: The percentage of your energy goal eaten so far.
  • GOAL: Your energy goal (as set in your Profile).
  • FOOD: The energy of your food intake so far on this day.
  • REMAINING: The energy remaining of your goal. (If you are tracking exercise, the energy burnt in exercise activities is added to this number.)
  • The unit - kJ or Cal. You can switch between kJ and Cals by tapping.


  • To set or re-set your energy goal: Go to your Profile and tap Energy Goal.
  • To turn exercise tracking on or off: Go to your Profile and switch Track Exercise on or off.
  • If you are tracking exercise, the kilojoules/Calories burnt is added to the Remaining energy in the Analysis Bar.
  • To display the major nutrients, e.g. saturated fat, swipe the Analysis Bar.


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